INTELSAT S.A.: Hires Kirkland & Ellis as Attorneys

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Intelsat S.A., and its-debtor affiliates seek authority from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia to employ Kirkland & Ellis LLP and Kirkland & Ellis International LLP as their attorneys.

Intelsat requires Kirkland to:

a. advise the Debtors with respect to their powers and duties as debtors in possession in the continued management and operation of their businesses and properties;

b. advise and consult on the conduct of these chapter 11 cases, including all of the legal and administrative requirements of operating in chapter 11;

c. attend meetings and negotiating with representatives of creditors and other parties in interest;

d. take all necessary actions to protect and preserve the Debtors’ estates, including prosecuting actions on the Debtors’ behalf, defending any action commenced against the Debtors, and representing the Debtors in negotiations concerning litigation in which the Debtors are involved, including objections to claims filed against the Debtors’ estates;

e. prepare pleadings in connection with these chapter 11 cases, including motions, applications, answers, orders, reports, and papers necessary or otherwise beneficial to the administration of the Debtors’ estates;

f. represent the Debtors in connection with obtaining authority to continue using cash collateral and postpetition financing;

g. advise the Debtors in connection with any potential sale of assets;

h. appear before the Court and any appellate courts to represent the interests of the Debtors’ estates;

i. advise the Debtors regarding tax matters;

j. take any necessary action on behalf of the Debtors to negotiate, prepare, and obtain approval of a disclosure statement and confirmation of a chapter 11 plan and all documents related thereto; and

k. perform all other necessary legal services for the Debtors in connection with the prosecution of these chapter 11 cases, including: (i) analyzing the Debtors’ leases and contracts and the assumption and assignment or rejection thereof; (ii) analyzing the validity of liens against the Debtors; and (iii) advising the Debtors on corporate and litigation matters.

Kirkland’s current hourly rates are:

Partners $1,075 to $1,845
Of Counsel $625 to $1,845
Associates $610 to $1,165
Paraprofessionals $245 to $460

On Feb. 21, 2020, the Debtors paid $500,000 to Kirkland, which constituted an “advance payment retainer”. Subsequently, the Debtors paid to Kirkland an additional advance payment retainer totaling $15,105,218.89 in the aggregate.

Steven N. Serajeddini, the president of Steven N. Serajeddini, P.C., a partner of Kirkland & Ellis, attests that Kirkland is a “disinterested person” within the meaning of section 101(14) of the Bankruptcy Code, as required by section 327(a) of the Bankruptcy Code, and does not hold or represent an interest adverse to the Debtors’ estates and has no connection to the Debtors, their creditors, or other parties in interest.

In accordance with Appendix B-Guidelines for reviewing fee applications filed by attorneys in larger Chapter 11 cases, Mr. Serajeddini disclosed that the firms did not agree to a variation of their standard billing arrangements for their employment with Debtors, and that no professional at the firms varied his rate based on the geographic location of Debtors’ bankruptcy cases.

Kirkland represented the Debtors during the twelve-month period before the Petition Date, using thehourly rates listed below:

Partners $1,075 to $1,845
Of Counsel $625 to $1,845
Associates $610 to $1,165
Paraprofessionals $245 to $460

Mr. Serajeddini also disclosed that Debtors have already approved the firms’ budget and staffing plan for the period from the Petition Date through August 31, 2020.

The firm can be reached through:

Edward O. Sassower, P.C.
Steven N. Serajeddini, P.C.
Anthony R. Grossi, Esq.
601 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Telephone: (212) 446-4800
Facsimile: (212) 446-4900

About Intelsat S.A.

Intelsat S.A. is a publicly held operator of satellite services businesses, which provides a diverse array of communications services to a wide variety of clients, including media companies, telecommunication operators, internet service providers, and data networking service providers. The Company is also a provider of commercial satellite communication services to the U.S. government and other select military organizations and their contractors. The Company’s administrative headquarters are in McLean, Virginia, and the Company has extensive operations spanning across the United States, Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Intelsat S.A., based in L-1246 Luxembourg, and its debtor-affiliates, filed a Chapter 11 petition (Bankr. E.D. Va. Lead Case No. 20-32299) on May 14, 2020. The petition was signed by David Tolley, executive vice president, chief financial officer, and co-chief restructuring officer. In its petition, the Debtor disclosed $11,651,558,000 in assets and $16,805,844,000 in liabilities.

KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP, and KUTAK ROCK LLP, as counsels; ALVAREZ & MARSAL NORTH AMERICA, LLC as restructuring advisor; PJT PARTNERS LP as investment banker; STRETTO as claims and noticing agent.

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