FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS: Cullen, Russell Represent Utility Co.

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Pursuant to Rule 2019 of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, the law firms of Cullen and Dykman LLP and Law Firm of Russell R. Johnson III, PLC submitted a verified statement that they are representing the utility companies in the Chapter 11 cases of Frontier Communications Corporation, et al.

The names and addresses of the Utilities represented by the Firm are:

a. American Electric Power operating companies:
Appalachian Power Company
AEP-Texas Central Company
Indiana Michigan Power Company
Ohio Power Company
Southwestern Electric Power Company and
Wheeling Power Company
Attn: Marilyn McConnell, Esq.
1 Riverside Plaza
Columbus, Ohio 43215

b. Arizona Public Service Company
Attn: Sandra Rosales
2043 W. Chery Dr., Bldg. M
Mail Station 3209
Phoenix, Arizona 85021-1015

c. CenterPoint Energy Resources Corp.
CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric, LLC
Attn: Timothy Muller, Esq.
Senior Counsel
CenterPoint Energy, Inc.
1111 Louisiana St.
Houston, TX 77002

d. Commonwealth Edison Company
Attn: Erin Buechler
Claims & Collection Counsel
3 Lincoln Centre
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

e. DTE Electric Company
DTE Gas Company
Attn: Leland Prince, Esq.
DTE Energy
One Energy Plaza
Detroit, Michigan 48226

f. Eversource companies:
The Connecticut Light & Power Company and
Yankee Gas Services Company
Attn: Honor S. Heath, Esq.
Eversource Energy
107 Seldon Street
Berlin, CT 06037

g. Florida Power & Light Company
Attn: Gloria Lopez
Revenue Recovery Department RRD/LFO
4200 W. Flagler St.
Coral Gables, Florida 33134

h. Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc.
Attn: Jennifer Woehrle
390 W. Route 59
Spring Valley, New York 10977

i. Ohio Edison Company
West Penn Power Company
Monongahela Power Company d/b/a Mon Power
Toledo Edison Company
Potomac Edison Company
Metropolitan Edison Company
Pennsylvania Electric Company d/b/a Penelec
Attn: Kathy M. Hofacre
FirstEnergy Corp.
76 S. Main St., A-GO-15
Akron, OH 44308

j. Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation d/b/a National Grid
Attn: Christopher S. Aronson
Senior Counsel
National Grid
40 Sylvan Road
Waltham, MA 02451

k. New York State Electric and Gas Corporation
Attn: Kelly Potter
James A. Carigg Center
Bankruptcy Department
18 Link Drive
Binghamton, NY 13904

l. Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation
Attn: Patricia Cotton
89 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14649

m. PECO Energy Company
Assistant General Counsel
Exelon Corporation
2301 Market Street, S23-1
Philadelphia, PA 19103

n. San Diego Gas & Electric Company
Attn: A.J. Moreno, Bankruptcy Specialist
8326 Century Park Court
San Diego, CA 92123

o. Southern California Gas Company
Attn: Cranston J. Williams, Esq.
Office of the General Counsel
555 W. Fifth Street, GT14G1
P.O. Box 30337
Los Angeles, CA 90013-1034

p. Southern Connecticut Gas Company
United Illuminating Company
Attn: John R. Forbush, Esq.
Avangid Networks, Inc.
89 East Avenue, 9th Floor
Rochester, New York 14649

q. Southern California Edison Company
Attn: Margarita Gevondyan, Esq.
Senior Attorney
Southern California Edison Law Department
2244 Walnut Grove Avenue
Rosemead CA 91770

r. Sacramento Municipal Utilities District
Attn: Randall J. Hakes, Esq.
6301 S Street, Mailstop A311
Sacramento, California 95817

s. UNS Electric, Inc.
UNS Gas, Inc.
Attn: Adam D. Melton, Esq.
Senior Attorney – Litigation
88 E. Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85701

t. Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Company, Inc.
d/b/a Veteran Energy
Delivery of Indiana, Inc.
Indiana Gas Company, Inc.
d/b/a Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana, Inc.
Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio
Attn: Justin Forshey, Supervisor, Credit & Collections
Vectren Energy Delivery
One Vectren Square
Evansville, Indiana 47708

u. NextEra Energy Services Pennsylvania, LLC
Attn: John Gray, Esq.
Senior Attorney
NextEra Energy Resources
20455 SH 249, Suite 200
Houston, Texas 77070

The nature and the amount of claims (interests) of the Utilities, and the times of acquisition thereof are as follows:

a. The following Utilities have unsecured claims against the above-referenced Debtors arising from prepetition utility usage, and/or pursuant to pole attachment and/or joint use agreements with the Debtors, among other contracts: Appalachian Power Company, AEP-Texas Central Company, Indiana Michigan Power Company, Ohio Power Company, Southwestern Electric Power Company and Wheeling Power Company, Arizona Public Service Company, CenterPoint Energy Resources Corp., Commonwealth Edison Company, DTE Electric Company, DTE Gas Company, Eversource companies: The Connecticut Light & Power Company and Yankee Gas Services Company, Florida Power and Light Company, Monongahela Power Company d/b/a Mon Power, West Penn Power Company, Potomac Edison Company, Toledo Edison Company, Metropolitan Edison Company, Pennsylvania Electric Company d/b/a Penelec, Ohio Edison Company, Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, d/b/a National Grid, New York State Electric and Gas Corporation, Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation, Orange and Rockland Utilities, PECO Energy Company, San Diego Gas & Electric Company, Southern California Gas Company, Southern Connecticut Gas Company, Southern California Edison Company, SMUD, UNS Electric, Inc., Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Company, Inc. d/b/a Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana, Inc., Indiana Gas Company, Inc. d/b/a Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana, Inc., Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio, United Illuminating Company, NextEra Energy Services Pennsylvania, LLC, CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric, LLC and AEP-Texas Central Company.

b. Florida Power & Light Company and Southern California Edison Company hold surety bonds that they will make claims upon for payment of the prepetition debt that the Debtors owe to those Utilities.

c. New York State Electric & Gas Corporation, Rochester Gas and Electric Company, UNS Electric, Inc. and UNS Gas, Inc. held prepetition deposits that it recouped against prepetition debt pursuant to Section 366(c)(4) of the Bankruptcy Code.

The Law Firm of Russell R. Johnson III, PLC was retained to represent the foregoing Utilities in April and May 2020. The circumstances and terms and conditions of employment of the Firm by the Companies is protected by the attorney-client privilege and attorney work product doctrine.

Co-Counsel for American Electric Power, et al. can be reached at:

Thomas R. Slome, Esq.
Michael Kwiatkowski, Esq.
100 Quentin Roosevelt Boulevard
Garden City, New York 11530
Tel: (516) 296-9165
Fax: (516) 357-3792

– and –

Russell R. Johnson III, Esq.
John M. Craig, Esq.
2258 Wheatlands Drive
Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103
Tel: (804) 749-8861
Fax: (804) 749-8862

A copy of the Rule 2019 filing, downloaded from, is available at

About Frontier Communications

Frontier Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: FTR) offers a variety of services to residential and business customers over its fiber-optic and copper networks in 29 states, including video, high-speed internet, advanced voice, and Frontier Secure digital protection solutions.

Frontier Communications Corporation and 103 related entities sought Chapter 11 protection (Bankr. S.D.N.Y. Lead Case No. 20-22476) on April 14, 2020, to seek approval of a plan that would cut debt by $10 billion. Frontier announced it had entered into a Restructuring Support Agreement (RSA) with bondholders representing more than 75% of its $11 billion outstanding unsecured bonds.

Judge Robert D. Drain oversees the cases.

The Debtors tapped Kirkland & Ellis LLP as legal counsel; Evercore as financial advisor; and FTI Consulting, Inc., as restructuring advisor. Prime Clerk is the claims agent, maintaining the page and

The U.S. Trustee for Region 2 appointed a committee to represent
unsecured creditors in Debtors’ Chapter 11 cases.

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