Turnarounds & Workouts – August 15, 1996


The August 15, 1996 issue of Turnarounds & Workouts

Latest Reports:

  • C. Kirk Rhein
  • Smith Corona
  • Barney’s

Research Report:

  • Who’s Who in Color Tile


  • Rockefeller Center
  • Kmart
  • Hamburger Hamlet
  • Caldor
  • House of Fabrics
  • Clothestime

Worth Reading:

  • Cornell’s Web Site

Special Report:

  • Profile: Keene Corporation
  • Recent Retail Bankruptcies:

Barney’s, Inc.
Ben Franklin Retail Stores
Bradlees, Inc.
Braun’s Fashions Corp.
B.U.M. International
Caldor Corp.
Clothestime, Inc.
Color Tile, Inc.
Edison Brothers Stores, Inc.
Elder-Beerman Stores Corp.
Ernst Home Center, Inc.
Evans Jewelers & Distibutors
Fretter, Inc.
Grand Union
Handy Andy Home Imp. Centers
Harvest Foods, Inc.
Herman’s Sporting Goods, Inc.
Home Express, Inc.
Homeland Stores, Inc.
Jamesway Corp.
Lamonts Apparel, Inc.
Petrie Retail, Inc.
Pic ‘N Pay Stores, Inc.
Pic ‘N Save
Rich’s Department Stores, Inc.
Rickel Home Centers, Inc.
Sportstown, Inc.
Standard Brands Paint Co.
Stuart’s Department Stores
Today’s Man
Value Merchants, Inc.
Warehouse Club, Inc.
Weiner’s Stores, Inc.
Wherehouse Entertainment

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