Turnarounds & Workouts – May 2008


The May 2008 issue of Turnarounds & Workouts

Latest Reports:

  • Virtual Data Rooms Aid Corporate Restructuring
  • Corporate Bankruptcies Rise Sharply
  • Courts Limits Use of Automatic Stay

Research Report:

  • Who’s Who in Sharper Image Corporation

Special Report:

  • Major Trade Claim Purchasers:

Acquisition Management, Inc.
Amroc Investments, LLC
Argo Partners
Bankruptcy Creditor’s Service, Inc.
Bear Stearns & Co., Inc.
Bid4Assests, Inc.
DebtAcquisition Company of America
Hain Capital Group, LLC
Liquidity Solutions
Madison Capital Management
Riverside Claims
Silver Point Capital

Worth Reading:

  • The Liquidation/Merger Alternative

Special Report:

  • Top Internet Bankruptcy Resources:

American Bankruptcy Institute
The Bankruptcy Law Trove
Beard Group
Internet Bankruptcy Library
Legal Information Institute
New Generation Research
Troubled Company Reporter
U.S. Courts
U.S. Trustee’s Program

Gnome de Plume:

  • A New Direction

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