Turnarounds & Workouts – May 2023


The May 2023 issue of Turnarounds & Workouts

Latest Reports:

  • Continued Use of Repealed Rule on Standing Confounds Judges
  • IQMax Loses Royalty Fee Fight in Fusion Connect Case

Research Report:

  • Who’s Who in Serta Simmons Bedding

Research Report:

  • Who’s Who in Diamond Sports Group

Special Report:

  • Major Trade Claim Purchasers:

Argo Partners
ASM Capital
Barclays Bank PLC
Bradford Capital Holdings, LP
Cedar Glade, L.P.
Cedar Glade Capital, LLC
Cherokee Debt Acquisition, LLC
Citigroup Financial Products Inc.
Citigroup Global Markets
Contrarian Funds, LLC
Cowen Special Investments LLC
Cowen Special Situations, LLC
CRG Financial LLC
DCP Master Investments XIV LLC
Diameter Capital Partners LP
Fair Harbor Capital, LLC
Fulcrum Credit Partners LLC
Fulcrum Capital
GCM Grosvenor Special Opportunities Master Fund, Ltd.
GCM Grosvenor Strategic Credit,
Grosvenor Capital Management, L.P.
Guaranteed Claim Funding LLC
Hain Capital Investors, LLC
Hain Capital Investors Master Fund, Ltd
Marathon Distressed Credit Master Fund
Marathon Stepstone Master Fund LP
Marathon Asset Management L.P.
OPeak Ltd.
Star V Partners LLC
Olympus Peak Asset Management LP
Pentwater Credit Master Fund Ltd
Oceana Master Fund Ltd.
PWCM Master Fund Ltd.
Pentwater Capital Management
Red Pines LLC
Varde Partners
Sculptor Credit Opportunities Master Fund, Ltd.
Sculptor Capital Management
Seaport Loan Products LLC
Seaport Global Asset Management LLC
Silver Point Distressed Opportunity Institutional Partners, L.P.
Strategic Value Capital Solutions Master Fund, L.P.
Strategic Value Partners LLC
Third Point Loan LLC
Thracia, LLC
P. Schoenfeld Asset Management (PSAM)
TRC Master Fund LLC
TR Capital Management, LLC

Worth Reading:

  • The Successful Practice of Law

Special Report:

  • Top Internet Bankruptcy Resources:

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Bankruptcy Today Newsletter
Bloomberg Law
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Epiq Bankruptcy Analytics
Harvard Law School Bankruptcy Roundtable
In Solvency
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MEDIATBANKRY – On Bankruptcy and Mediation
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Court Electronic Records)
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