Turnarounds & Workouts – October 15, 1997


Latest Reports:

  • GE vs. Hyatt
  • Unsolicited Bid for Pocket
  • Western Pacific Files

Research Report:

  • Who’s Who in Cincinnati Microwave


  • Montgomery Ward
  • Caldor
  • US Brass
  • Marvel
  • Payless Cashways

Worth Reading:

  • The Web. The InterNet Bankruptcy Library and Beyond
    • Heiros Gamos Bankruptcy Legal Site
    • Catalaw’s Bankruptcy and Credit Law
    • Cornell’s Bankruptcy Information
    • FindLaw’s Internet Legal Resources
    • Lawlounge
    • The Legal Pad

Special Report:

  • The Clothestime, Inc.

Special Report:

  • Workout Professionals in the Nation’s Major Banks

Chase Manhattan Bank
Bank of America Corp.
J.P. Morgan & Co., Inc.
Nationsbank Corp.
First Union Corp.
Bankers Trust Company
Wells Fargo Bank
First Chicago NBD Bancorp
Banc One Corp.

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